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Adapting to a changing world


The product allows users to build structures and furniture with sheet material and timber. Bolts and screws can be used to fix the part to materials. This is a low carbon solution to adaptable furniture and structures by making it easier distribute.

An open-source service affords users to download the files they want with instructions to print at home. This distributed designs can be made on demand in the home or at our production facility to be sent to the user. The product falls under a Creative Commons (CC) License and can be shared and adapted by anyone.


The product can be applied to a variety of materials and can be made anywhere in the world by anyone.


We encourage and recommend our users to use recycled PLA as its derived from corn starch and a large percentage of it is from food packaging waste.


Instructions provide users with the know how to accurately print Branch brackets.

Parametric Design

The parametric design affords users to use Branch on varying dimensions of sheet material and timber. This in the hope that people reuse what they have to build.

Purchasable Products

Using recycled PLA (Polylactic Acid) consumers can purchase made Branch products and other just in time made products from the collection.

Waste Recovery

We want you waste PLA material, if a product breaks or you are unsatisfied with the product please send it back to us and we will properly recover the material to be reused as new PLA filament.

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