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The Branch Project

Branch was developed as part of a design-for-disassembly hackathon commissioned by EU's CIRCuIT (Circular construction in regenerative cities) project “use design-for-disassembly to build exhibition furniture that lasts over five years”.


The focus of the Branch project was to design a product that can be applied to a variety of materials in a range of configurations in order to cleanly repurpose materials to make useful furniture that is reusable and desirable.


Branch is a 3D printer corner bracket for creating modular furniture. It is made using the Batch.Works method of design for printing out of 98% recycled PLA from food waste packaging from filament makers Reflow.

Branch can be manufactured with a 3D printer anywhere in the world and be made by anyone, and in theory even made at home.

The product allows the user to build structures and furniture with sheet material and timber. The Branch connections can be assembled and dissembled and fastened into place with bolts or screws. By using this product you can use materials that are already owned to construct structures and furniture which means less demand for trees and other raw materials to be supplied.


The product falls under a Creative Commons (CC) license and is shared with others to use and adapt. Download and adapt the parametric part to print your own.

The product has been produced in collaboration with the University of Brighton Product Design Course, Other Today Studio and Batch.Works.

A special thanks to James Tooze, Gareth Owen Lloyd and Luke Kelly for their contributions in the development of the product.

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