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Branch is a 3D printed corner bracket for creating modular furniture. It is made by using Batch.Works method of design for printing which essentially is a technique of extruding thick layers of filament in a continuous line.

Branch is a open source system and the design is free to download, adapt, share and 3D print.


Connecting Branch

Branch is fabricated to millimetre precision. The 3D printed corner bracket allows users to assemble furniture and structures by attaching dowels, square timber and sheet material and secured with bolts.

Exhibition Display System

Branch has been used over the last two years in a number of exhibition spaces for University of Brighton Interior Architecture and Product Design course. 


About the Designer

I'm passionate about making meaningful experiences and telling stories through design. I revel in making beautiful products that are responsibly sourced and produced with positive impact for people and the planet.


My current focus is on distributed design and local manufacturing with an emphasis on the circular utilisation of materials.

James Cann

Product Designer

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